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New exhibit: the car of the Fantômas - Citroen DS 19

At the end of the April, Riga Motor Museum's cult auto collection will be joined by the 20th...


New exhibit: the lavish 1912. Belgian made limousine

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Riga Motormuseum, the collection is complemented with a lavish 1912....


Riga Motor Museum ranks 3rd on TripAdvisor TOP Things To Do In Riga

Riga Motor Museum has been recognized as one of Riga's top attractions, ranking 3rd on Trip...

About Us

One of Latvia's most remarkable museums. Portrayed by more than a hundred unique vehicles and modern exposition. The museum was founded in 1989, fully refurbished in 2016. Motor Museum is located in Riga, only 15 min. drive from old town.

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Permanent exposition

Riga Motor Museum tells thrilling stories about unique vehicles, eminent personalities and most important milestones in car history.

The largest antique vehicle museum in Latvia and Baltic's houses more than 100 unique antique vehicles.

The museum's exposition also features modern design, multimedia solutions and hands-on exhibits.



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The car – man's best friend The car has become a part of society. Large car companies are formed....